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A consultant is an individual or company who you hire to do something for you or your business. They have resources, knowledge, or experience that can supplement you in your efforts. They typically don't look to develop your skills or performance, but use theirs to accomplish tasks or reach goals in place of you. You get the work done without having to do it yourself.


We like to describe an advisor as a sharp-shooter - someone with specific expertise or experience who can help you in a particular way. They might do so for a fee, or as part of a more formal advisory role or group, or as a favor or for in-kind services.  The relationship is typically more casual than the other services described here. You ask questions and they have answers. They listen a little and talk a lot, and are able to help an entrepreneur get an urgent problem understood (and maybe solved) quickly.


It’s easy to get off track, even with all the time management and action planning tools out there. Many highly successful business people have accountability partners who they talk to regularly to check in on progress and work through any distractions or obstacles that have come up. It’s not the same as a mentor or coach, because usually the two of you are on a more equal level. This is a mutually beneficial relationship in which each person holds the other accountable to themselves.

Our incubator program is a 16 week intensive growth course for those who have hit a plateau or leveled off on the growth of their business.  We go through a series of hiring, team building, operations, long term strategies and execution on all of the above.

This is not an entry level program and the minimum requirements are at least 1 year in business and at least 20 transactions.



A coach works with an entrepreneur (their client) to help improve performance. It can be leadership, business, or personal, but in all cases structured to help establish and meet goals, understand and resolve challenges, and focus on growth. The coach neither necessarily has all the answers an entrepreneur might seek nor does the work on behalf of their client, but brings an outside-in and unemotional perspective. Coaches know how to take an entrepreneur through a process of discovery and skill development, asking questions to lead the client to their desired achievements. The benefits of the coaching engagement can be measured through the performance of the entrepreneur and/or the company. The client becomes more capable and the business grows.

A mentor creates a relationship through which long term benefit is derived from knowing one another deeply. It is often a personal relationship or one that becomes personal because of the time spent together and the mutual caring. Mentors are safe, look to develop their mentees, and have no agenda. They are passing along their knowledge and experience.

Our accelerator program is designed for those who are new to the industry and need access to all of our programs combined in one to help facilitate growth through an 8 week program. Figuring out where to start, what to focus on, what to do and how to do it is the main issue why people fail in this business.  We have created a quick start program based on your strengths as a busienss person to make sure you are doing what you need to be doing and outsourcing the rest.  Our accelerator program has helped hundreds of agents start their business off on the right track!


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We do offer in house financing for all of our programs and services and we can defer payments and recoup once an escrow or closing takes place.  At that time we will put an escrow amendment into the commission disbursement documents adding our fees to be paid upon closing.

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